Thursday, August 21, 2008

Election 2008

Currently I spend more time interneting about the 2008 elections than most other activities.   I have done this continuously for over a year.   What about elections excites me?  Competition?  Civics?  Power?  Well, I like the maps.  Also I am crazy anti-McCain.  Nothing against McCain, I'd take McCain over many other Republicans.  Mostly it is not that I am anti-McCain, but anti-Republicans.  But not all Republicans, only the ones whose victory plan is the mass deception of the American people.   I don't like them.  Then again if it works perhaps I should be anti-American people.  I am to an extent.

So in review elections excite me because of maps, and because I am crazy anti both Republican decievers and Americans.

That doesn't make sense.  I think it is mostly the maps.

Go Maps!

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