Friday, February 27, 2009

Thoughts of a Law Student

Can I be a competent lawyer?  I have the desire, good intentions to be one, fairly good knowledge of what was taught to me in law school.  But I have little experience, certainly not a mastery of a practice field.  In addition, many things the lawyers I work with know which are vital to their success as lawyers, are not taught in law school.  So I believe I could become a competent lawyer, but does anyone have the time?

I can't imagine small firms have the time, as they have less people, it would take a larger portion of their resources to teach me, or a larger tolerance for inefficiency, which with less resources they in most cases cannot afford.

But more that just small firms, with a poor economy assumedly firms have less resources, and if there are experienced lawyer out there, firms would naturally want them, unless they can pay us a small enough to make it worth their while.

I must not ever lose diligence.

Thoughts of a law student.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The fit is go?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1, 2, [3]

Wouldn't it be great if I could speak another language!  I would be so proud of myself.  If I did so it would be as a grand undertaking, any practical benefit of being able to communicate with other people would be tertiary.

Of course I tried to learn a language before, well (tried?).  I was a child and I did not have anything invested in it.  Six weeks ago I was in France.  I got this wonderfully small pleasure in speaking a small phrase of French.  I had all of this information I never knew was useful, or realized to what extent it may be useable.


I suppose if I continue to like an idea six years after I first liked it, that idea must be special.  Sincereity is one such idea.  When I am sincere I can not feel bad about myself, I cannot feel as if I am holding myself back, hiding something, or... ... ...nothing else.

I like it even when other people are sincere.  Somewhere I developed apprehension, distrust, fear.  When others are sincere, these things cannot be.  Because there is nothing underneath their actions, or words.  They are... ... ...there, for me, for what reason.

Sometimes I sign an email, or a letter at work with 'Sincerely', why do we do so?  I only wish to do so if I... ... ...sincerely.

Underwater Earplugs...

...I'm listening to a song that sounds like underwater earplugs.  I like this feeling.  My headphones are already earplugs, in all of their difficult technology.  I appreciate this opportunity today to feel small, as if I were underwater with earplugs.