Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Holidays

December is the holiday jackpot.  Christmas, Chanukah, New Years Eve...they take place the same time of year.  There is a reason.  Without the holidays, December would suck.  My least favorite month is November, because the plants die, it is rainy, and cold.  If November is a sucker punch, December is the realization the guy who sucker punched you could also kick your ass legitimately.  So we have solved this problem by celebrating things now.  It is unlikely Jesus was born December 25th, and Chanukah is not the most important day in the Jewish calendar, but it is cold.

We string lights, to keep us from the winter darkness.  We might put a tree in our homes in an attempt because we feel bad for them, and because we need air.  I think it is wonderful, thank you ancestral problem-solvers.

This December Micki and I will be really taking it to Mr. December & and Mrs. January.  We are leaving our cold puke-filled* town, for a hopefully less cold, less barf-filled ideal.  C'est Paris, et Koln, Allemagne.

That's right we refuse to not live this winter, and we're telling the Big Bad Recession to huff, and puff, and blow us to Europe (and all of our money into the wind... ... ...I mean United Airlines).  I am excited.  Let us be free of the vomitous plague!

Micki and I have recently purchased a Flip Mino video-recorder and it is coming with us.  Inspired by the Year in Europe podcasts, I hope to be adding videos documenting our adventure, taking Jinklets to another dimension.

*Omaha is not "puke-filled" as such, however I have reason to believe there is puke somewhere tonight.

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