Friday, February 27, 2009

Thoughts of a Law Student

Can I be a competent lawyer?  I have the desire, good intentions to be one, fairly good knowledge of what was taught to me in law school.  But I have little experience, certainly not a mastery of a practice field.  In addition, many things the lawyers I work with know which are vital to their success as lawyers, are not taught in law school.  So I believe I could become a competent lawyer, but does anyone have the time?

I can't imagine small firms have the time, as they have less people, it would take a larger portion of their resources to teach me, or a larger tolerance for inefficiency, which with less resources they in most cases cannot afford.

But more that just small firms, with a poor economy assumedly firms have less resources, and if there are experienced lawyer out there, firms would naturally want them, unless they can pay us a small enough to make it worth their while.

I must not ever lose diligence.

Thoughts of a law student.

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