Monday, September 8, 2008

Sweater and So On...

Today Micki and I went to Banana Republics to look at things.  Micki got a 30% off email, so we thought we would check it out.  I am looking for nicer things than the normal t-shirts, cargo shorts, and jeans. 

We were there and after looking at things for Micki, I looked a the Jon section.  I saw polo shirts on the sale rack, and grabbed a black one to try on.  They had this green wool zip sweater jacket with buttons.  I was looking more for a large black or gray long coat, but with Micki's urging I agreed to try it on.  After trying the polo and the wool sweatery thing on, as well as several others, Micki and I agreed the two items had to be bought.

I had fun at the store...  Trying on clothes with Micki there to balance me out.  She helps me decide if something is too ambitious, or tip my hesitance over the edge (like the sweater).  The 30% off meant we got the sweater and shirt, as well as a last second tie, for only the sticker price of the sweater.

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