Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I have already mentioned one obsession on Jinklets, and here is another, travelling.  I fear becoming defined b my obsession, which I feel is a reasonable fear.  Obsessions, or those general fields I spend a large amount of time in and around, are things I spend a large amount of my time, my life, in and around.  In any event so far as Jinklets is concerned, I am a politico traveller.

I enjoy going on trips.  Who doesn't right? Right, but most people are not obsessed with it, so what is the difference.  Travelling to me is more than leaving Omaha for a short time.  It is education, enriching, interesting, independent, and growth. 

It is freedom, freedom I do not have otherwise.  It is life, it is living, as freely as possible.

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